Wexford Casings is a family business with a background of over 30 years in the Sheep Casings industry, our experience is reflected in the quality of our products and services. We are based in the South East of Ireland, our casings are sourced locally when possible as well as the UK and Europe.

We are experts in the selection of Natural Sheep Casings. We take pride in the fact that we fully process and control our casings from the Sheep gut to the finished product. Our material is always fresh, white and strong. Learn more about casings here.

We select, calibrate, spool and distribute all our casings on site and because of this we can be flexible to fit our customers needs, be it quicker delivery times, last minute orders, and tailored products to suit your needs and specifications. Whether it is the length, the diameter, spooled or hanks, we have the range and capacity to suit you.

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Here are a few reasons why you should choose Wexford Casings.



Wexford Casings is a fully approved food establishment. Our Plant number is IE 2857 EC. We work under a strict HACCP food safety management system with constant inspections and satisfied results. We exceed the international food safety standards and are currently working on obtaining a BRC Certificate.


Our material is fresh, white, and strong. We constantly test our products to not only ensure our customers are satisfied but also to ensure it meets our own high quality standards. Our philosophy is, if our quality standards are higher than our customers then we can be sure they will be more than satisfied with our products and services.


What is quality without consistency? Our ideals and principles are embedded within us. We are consistent not only for our customers but for ourselves as a company. We work closely with all our suppliers, be it an abattoir or a logistics team. We work together to ensure efficiency and a high quality service.


High quality service and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Wexford Casings. We are a family business and we recognise the importance of keeping a strong bond between our customers and ourselves. Our customers’ issues are our issues and we work together to solve them and ensure our customers are satisfied.


We fully process and control our products from the Sheep gut to the finished product and this is why we can offer our customers competitive prices for premium quality casings.
We offer our customers methods of increasing their productivity and obtaining better yields when using our products.


We have studied casings inside out; we have searched for ways to become as efficient as possible, as consistent as possible and we have found that experience is the best teacher. We have been in this industry for decades, ever since we were young teenagers. We went from watching our fathers, to working with them, and now we are here.



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