When it comes to Natural Sheep Casings, there are numerous types of  products as there are many different types of  Sausages, each country has it’s own unique Sausage but that’s for another article.

The following is a brief list of the different sizes of Sheep Casings and the type of Sausage they are usually used for,

16-18mm    Beer Stix/ Pepperoni                                                                

18-20mm    Small size fresh Sausages/ Snack Sausage                    

20-22mm   Breakfast Sausages/ Frankfurters/ Cabanosa            

22-24mm   Med size fresh Sausages/ Frankfurters/ Chipolata  

24-26mm   Large fresh Sausages/ Bockwurst / Cabanosa        

26+   mm   Jumbo Sausages/ Landjaeger / Bockwurst

I hope the above has helped give you some insight into the different types of products we have available, if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us .